What is your legacy? If you died today, what would be left behind? How does your work and your passion change the future for those around you and those who are coming behind you? Ben Slayton, the owner and CEO of LEGACY Home Loans, has an answer to all of these questions. Mr. Slayton and the work his company does to empower African Americans through home ownership are highlighted here.

Mr. Slayton’s example is a potential blueprint for economic empowerment and development in communities across the country. At a time where African American homeownership is at an all time low, Mr. Slayton and his company not only work to increase home ownership among African Americans but also decrease unemployment by offering skills training and employment in the communities where LEGACY Home Loan branches are located. 

Here at Empower America Project, we believe that a free market and people who are free to innovate are the greatest weapons against poverty. Mr. Slayton uses his expertise, his experience, and his enthusiasm to innovate and implement change in his community. In order for people to prosper, we must continue to support the work and spread the word about individuals like Mr. Slayton so that more people in diverse communities can be empowered to take charge of their own destinies and create a legacy of their own. 

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