Like our nation’s founders, Empower America Project believes that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are foundational, inalienable rights to be preserved, practiced and appreciated by all. The Project trains leaders to carry on these enduring values with virtue.



School choice is the first step in helping all American children have access to quality education.


A free market and a free people are the greatest weapons against poverty.


American leadership is necessary to support and extend freedom’s blessings to all people.

"My family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. We endured our bumps and bruises, and know that while challenges certainly still remain, we have come a long way.  That is the true story of America, and that is what we should be striving for in every community."

– Honorary Chairman Senator Tim Scott

Photo Attribution: Gage Skidmore


Empower America Project’s mission is to identify, train and invest in diverse leaders who believe in freedom and opportunity for all.


  • Through Empower America Project’s Leaders Conferences and individualized programs, we help prepare the next generation of leaders, representing America’s rich diversity, to run for public office at the federal, state, and local levels

  • The Project articulates enduring American principles and demonstrates their relevance to the challenges of today

  • The Project develops and advances an achievable policy agenda of opportunity, growth, freedom, and hope. These principles are in line with our Honorary Chairman Senator Scott's Opportunity Agenda

  • The Project provides a platform where leaders and underserved communities can learn, collaborate, and return civility to our public debate

  • The Project takes the American Idea of free markets and free people to every corner of the country

Honorary Chairman


Senator Tim Scott

Senator Tim Scott delivers a message of hope and opportunity with a policy agenda that empowers Americans. This South Carolina Republican actively pursues his goal of positively affecting the lives of a billion people. His life and values serve as the model for the Empower America Project.

Photo Attribution: Gage Skidmore


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Application Process

Do I need to apply to the Leaders in Training program?

Yes. Introduce yourself to us to begin a purposeful reflection on your own life, values, faith, political philosophy and how those foundations establish public policy objectives. We understand the importance of demystifying the world of policy and politics for individuals. After you apply, the Project will follow up with the full application process via email.

How can I receive more individualized training?

The boot camps serve as a proving ground to identify promising leaders for Track B, our individualized training program.


What are the benefits of the training program?

  • Refine your own views and learn to communicate those views clearly and effectively
  • The ability to discuss major public policy issues, communicate with future supporters, and navigate the political process
  • Dual-track program
  • Three-day boot camp covers public policy creation, advocacy and communication skills, and the American democratic political process
  • Individualized program flexes to your own needs and interests
  • Individualized program builds on your unique experience and background
  • Individualized program includes baseline assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses

Experienced Public Servants

Does the Project support current public servants?

The Project supports new leaders and experienced public servants who can communicate the virtues of conservative principles and who can counter the misperception that conservatives are out of touch.


Will The Project financially support candidates in the
2020 election cycle?

As a 501 c4, a majority of our activity is educational. However, a smaller portion of our time and effort will go towards investing in leaders to fulfill the third pillar of our mission. Through this avenue, the Project plans to first invest in our leaders in the 2020 election cycle.

Do you accept donations toward the Project?

Yes. We are entirely dependent upon supporters’ contributions.


What is your party affiliation?

We are not affiliated with any political party. We are an independent nonprofit organization of diverse voices who may not always agree. We stand together to advance an enduring set of values and the vision to reach for a boundless future.