One of the best ways to prepare yourself for public service is to check out one of the Project’s programs. As you’ll see below, there are two tracks: a three-day boot camp and a nine-month individualized program. The boot camp workshops serve as a proving ground to identify promising candidates for the individualized program. Here’s how to get started:


Check out the stories from a few of our candidates who’ve overcome privilege barriers to win political office. Let’s make this opportunity a reality for more Americans like you and me by empowering them with access to all of our EAP resources.



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WE Train To empower

Taught by political practitioners from diverse backgrounds, our training programs help leaders find their own voice and speak from the heart.

Strategic Plan for Victory

Leaders are identified


Once leaders are identified, and the training process begins, leaders will refine and sharpen their own views and learn how to communicate those views clearly and effectively. Empower America Project’s boot camps provide a space for leaders to reflect on their own life, faith, values, political philosophy and how those foundations shape their public policy objectives.


Our approach is to present a body of knowledge through diverse viewpoints, so leaders are comfortable discussing major public policy issues, communicating with future supporters and navigating the political process.


Leaders will learn public policy creation, advocacy and communication skills, as well as the basics of the American democratic process of campaigns, parties, elections and the responsibilities of public office. Our instructors are from diverse backgrounds who share one common goal: to speak to the values and principles that unite us, rather than divide us.


The Project will find diverse voices who can communicate the virtues of conservative principles and how the disadvantaged can use these principles to empower themselves and their communities.

Leaders are trained


Leaders dive into their personal strengths and weaknesses, particular areas of interest, and leadership style.


After assessment, you’ll have readings, lectures, and discussions designed to help you critically examine current issues and develop your own views, with a field of concentration based on your interests.


It takes practical advice to build a successful political team. The Project will familiarize leaders with how Washington operates, including federal agencies, Congress, the Supreme Court, non-governmental organizations, interest groups, and political parties. The coaching leaders will examine the political, philosophical, social and economic foundations of the American system of government to enrich their personal understanding.


The Project believes that much more unites us than divides us. In addition to personal training in communication skills and techniques, leaders will have the chance to interact with experienced politicians, policy experts, and advisors who can provide unique insights.

Project fund

We invest in our leaders. When giving to the Project Fund, new leaders, as well as experienced public servants who can counter the misperception that conservatives are out of touch, receive the support they need to advance opportunity for all.