The Empower America Project exists to identify, train, and invest in diverse conservative leaders who believe in freedom and opportunity for all.

We are inspired by the extraordinary career of Senator Tim Scott, who has made the most of the opportunities before him to create his Cotton to Congress story. He has won many victories in his life and has dedicated himself to the advancement of the American idea.

Life is full of choices. With each one, a person can choose to be a victim or a victor over their own circumstances. The Project’s goal is to equip leaders who will empower communities through the enactment of policies that enhance opportunity at all levels of government. Empowered people are victorious over their life’s circumstances. This is a Project to Empower.  

The path to true empowerment starts with listening to one another. We must begin having real conversations with our fellow Americans, especially those with different backgrounds from our own. The values that have made America the shining city on a hill are not race, sex, or faith specific. The values of life, freedom, and opportunity are the very substance by which people are empowered. These values are precious to our American culture and are the basis of conservative understanding of government.  

The Project is a conservative one. We aim to maintain and spread these values which are foundational for the prosperity of the country. The only way we will succeed is by listening to those who are turned off by the word “conservative” so that we can begin to understand where they are coming from. Only by listening and having conversations can we begin to transmit our values in an impactful way. Only by listening can we show them we care.

The Project is about teaching how to fish, rather than simply giving fish. It’s about teaching people to become victors in their own lives. It’s about respecting the dignity of work and maximizing opportunities for those who want a job.

There are many reasons why distressed communities have been left behind, why they don’t believe the American idea – the idea that the condition of one’s birth should not determine the outcome of one’s life – applies to them. There are many proposals offering a quick fix, but we know that lasting solutions require the tenacious hard work of individuals who are willing to improve their lot in life. Hope, optimism, and effort are the pillars that support empowerment. This is where we must begin the Project so that it can succeed in truly being a Project to Empower.

As Sen. Tim Scott, says: “To bring back our optimism and our hope, to rebuild our trust in each other, [we need] a robust discussion about the pain, frustration, disappointment and hopelessness people all across the country are feeling.”

We encourage you to join us.